Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Akatsuki (Naruto) GO Theme

My 3rd themes and dedicated to my younger brother (Zali Yagami) for his idea.
-Akatsuki pattern border base icons
-3 Akatsuki Wallpapers
-Added More 3rd Party Apps Icons (Mail Me If You Need One To Be Added)

Theme available here now on play store.You may download it HERE

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Transformer GO Theme

This is my early new year theme.This time i made it look more nicer & cool.This is not the best theme yet that i ever made but it's coming when the time has come.In this theme i have added more 3rd party app icons but still more to come but that's not it,There is much more that i am working with it and for some of my previous themes.All theme's will be available on play store by this week or by weekend soon!
What's added?What's new with this?I have made the icons and it base look as exactly the 'theme'.
Silver steel icon based.
New icon interface.
2 Awesome Transformer wallpapers.
Fully batch optimize.
Added more 3rd party app icons:
GO Sms

Thursday, December 27, 2012

God Of War GO Theme

This is my 2nd touch,God Of War GO Launcher Theme.Well,I haven't decided yet at the first place to use which icon base but the 'rounded' solid has caught my eye again and this time i made it look yellow.Maybe in this release would be basic and simple at the moment.I'll be updating with the new icon base when i have time soon and working on it.I have also working by adding the 3rd party apps icons so it would be much more better for me and for the users.In this release there are only some 3rd party apps icon which i already added and they are:-

-ROM Toolbox
-Lucky Patcher
-ZipSigner Manager
-Titanium Backup
-Semaphore Manager
-Apollo Music Player
-BS Player
-Dolphin Browser
-And Some Other I Can't Remember..

If you love and like the design,Do comments and give me your suggestion.There are MORE 3rd party apps to be added soon.PLUS..New theme design it's on the way ;)

Download The Theme Here God Of War GO Theme 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

DX GO Theme

This is my first theme/skin project for the GO DEV.Being in the mobile device app development is a fresh but my experience were far too long since 15 years ago.I have decided to create something and develop to see how does people enjoy and happy with my work.That is my mission besides i may work harder on this to improve my work.
Here are some brief of my theme for Go Launcher:

DX Go Launcher Theme Features:-
Green Lime Rounded Shining Icons
Some Icons Added For 3rd Party Apps
Mixed Menu Color Icon

I will be adding more 3rd party app soon and don't forget to rate this theme in play store soon! :)